Serves: 4 people

Preparation time: approx. 40 minutes



1 kg of whole fish or fish fillets (can use any fish except mullet)

1 jar of Bali In A Jar Veggie Curry Paste

200g of fresh grated coconut (dessicated coconut is also fine)

20ml of “Kara” coconut cream

4 pieces of kaffir lime leaf (optional)

500g banana leaf whole

16 pieces of toothpick/stapler to secure the parcel


Cooking method:

  1. Cut your whole fish into 4 or cut fish fillets into cube sizes. Mix in a medium sized bowl with the fresh/dessicated coconut, coconut cream and the whole contents of a jar of Bali In A Jar Veggie Curry Paste.
  2. Cut banana leaf into 30 cm x 30cm squares. You will need around 16 squares. Line up banana leaf on kitchen bench ensuring you have 2 layers of banana leaf for each parcel.
  3. Divide fish into 8 even portions and put each portion in centre of banana leaf. Roll the banana leaf and then secure both ends with a toothpick or staple. Cut excess banana leaf at the end of the parcel with scissors to make it neat in appearance.
  4. Steam fish parcels in steamer (bamboo steamer for more authentic taste) for about 5-10 minutes or until the banana leaf looks soft.
  5. Put parcels under the griller for 10 minutes – the banana leaf will begin to look burnt on the outside but the inside will stay moist. Grilling allows the release of the aromatic spice fragrances.

Serve with steamed white rice – 2 parcels per person – together with a side sambal consisting of the Bali In A Jar Nasi Goreng Paste