Serve 4 people

Preparation time: approx. 15 minutes


500g chicken thigh fillets or breast fillets

20 bamboo sticks/skewers

2 tsp of vegetable oil

1 jar of “Bali In a Jar” Satay Sauce

2 tsp Indonesian Kecap Manis


Cooking Method

  1. Cut chicken fillets into cubes, then pierce onto the skewer/bamboo stickb – around 3 to 4 cubes on each stick. Rub raw satays with vegetable oil to prevent them from sticking. Cook all 20 pieces of your satays on hot plate/BBQ/griller or on charcoal. Make sure your satays cook through on the inside and have turned brown in colour.
  2. In a small pot, pour the whole contents of a Bali In A Jar Satay Sauce bottle, add a little water and heat on a low flame until mixed thoroughly.
  3. Alternatively, pour the Satay Sauce bottle contents into a microwave safe bowl, add a little water and microwave on high for 1-2 minutes (until hot all the way through).
  4. Line up your satays on a serving plate, pour the heated satay sauce and then top with kecap manis, and if desired fried onions.

Serve these satays as an entrée or as a main meal with steamed white rice.