The Rendang Paste isĀ a darker coloured curry paste with stronger flavours and aromas. This makes it suitable for those dishes utilising stronger tasting meats (typically darker coloured meats such as beef, lamb, goat, kangaroo and venison). The Rendang Paste is also the sauce of choice for those dishes that require or depend on sauce “soaking” into the meat – such as the famous Bebek Betutu (spicy Balinese aromatic duck) dish.

The feature dish giving the paste it’s name, Beef Rendang, is a staple food of Padang, Sumatra and is found in every Padang restaurant (Masakan Padang) – a type of restaurant that allows the consumer to pick the composition of their meal from a number of pre-cooked dishes most often displayed in a window at the front of the restaurant – such restaurants beingĀ scattered throughout Bali and Indonesia.


Chilli, garlic, eschallots, ginger, candlenut, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime, mixed spice, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, water, citric acid

Links to Recipes containing Rendang Paste:

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