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Nasi Goreng/Balinese Fried Rice
Mie Goreng/Balinese Fried Noodle


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A couple of quick notes about our recipes:

  • In Bali the centre of every meal is rice – usually steamed white rice (nasi putih). Most recipes (the exceptions being Nasi Goreng/Mie Goreng) are intended to be served with steamed white rice. However, serving with fried rice or noodles is equally tasty!
  • Similarly, many meals will have a component of plecing or boiled watercress/kangkung (which is often then cooked with chilli and other spices). For full meals, many of the dishes can be served with sides of your preferred vegetable/s or with a salad.
  • Nasi Goreng Paste can often be used both to spice up meals and also as a side of sambal (chilli sauce) – in Bali it is rare that a meal is eaten without some sambal either added to the main dish or mixed in with the rice!