The Chicken Curry Paste and Veggie Curry Paste are lighter coloured curries with less intensity and flavour then the darker curry pastes. This makes them ideal for those meats and vegetables which would otherwise be overpowered by a darker, more intense curry paste. For meats this means that they area ideal with chicken, pork and seafoods.

The two pastes are interchangeable (in that the chicken paste can be used for vegetable dishes and the vegetable paste for meat dishes) – the labelling differences there to assist those wishing to organise their diet focused on vegetarian products.

Being a lighter curry sauce makes the sauce extremely versatile and able to be used in a large number of dishes, some with very different styles.


Chilli, eschallots, ginger, garlic, candlenut, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime, mixed spice, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, water, citric acid

Links to Recipes containing Chicken /Veggie Curry Paste:

Kare Sayur/Balinese Vegetable Curry
Kare Tempe/Balinese Soybean Cake Curry
Kare Tahu/Balinese Creamy Tofu Curry
Telur Pedas/Spicy Balinese Curried Eggs
Kare Ayam/Balinese Chicken Curry
Pepes Ikan/Fish in Banana Leaf Parcels
Ikan Bakar/Grilled Fish
Kare Isi Laut/Balinese Seafood Curry
Be Genyol Celeng/Balinese Spicy Pork
Jukut Urab/Balinese Vegetables in Spice & Grated Coconut
Ayam Goreng/Spicy Balinese Fried Chicken
Ayam Bakar/Spicy Balinese Grilled Chicken
Jukut Nangka/Balinese Jackfruit