Bali in a Jar is the brainchild of it’s founder, Desak Yoni.

For years Desak had operated a popular eatery on the NSW coast at Newcastle called Bali Corner. Having built a loyal clientele, Desak realised there was a ready made market for providing authentic and tasty Indonesian sauces that allowed the exotic flavours of the “Spice Islands” to be transferred to the everyday person’s kitchen thereby allowing for quick, easy and extremely tasty Indonesian/Balinese meals to be prepared at home.






From that simple concept, Bali in a Jar was born. Initially produced from her restaurant kitchen in Newcastle, Desak moved the manufacture of the sauce to Bali in 2012 where with her previous Australian business experience, her then recently acquired Master of International Business degree and her Balinese background, the business has gone from strength to strength.

Guided by her mission to create a unique range of sauces that bring to mind nostalgic memories of Bali (or perhaps to excite the mind of the possibility of memories to be gained in a future visit!) and that also¬†allow the preparation of meals that don’t waste precious family time and with unforgettable aromas and fragrances, Desak has continued to expand her Bali manufacturing base and in doing so provided much needed employment opportunities to local villages from where she sources ingredients and carries out the cooking to produce “Bali In A Jar”.